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Baku Gala



  • Bibi - Heybat mosque (the XII century).

Pir Ali Ayaghi (Sacred Place of foot trace of Imam Ali) in Buzovna settlement.
Mausoleum – the Tomb of Mir Movsum Agha in Shuvalan settlement.

Mausoleums - Haji Abu Turab's Tomb and Pir Hasan Sanctuare (the XVI century) in Mardakan settlement.

Shah Mosque (the XV century) in Mardakan settlement.
Necropolis of Baba Sammit order (Bektashiyya) in Buzovna settlement.

The Mosque – Shrine of Rahima Khanim the sister of Ali, the eighth Imam of Shia (the beauty of this mosque is compared with the Indian Taj Mahal) in Nardaran settlement.

Walking tour along ancient settlement of Gala, which is the only ethnographic and historical park in Azerbaijan. There are 243 monuments of architecture and archaeology, from Early man site of the Bronze Age (3000 YBP) to the surviving mosques, baths, ovdans, premises belonging to the late Middle Ages. The tombs of noble grandees, pagan sanctuaries, the unique ethnographic museum of Gala and the restored fortress are of great interest.

Duration of the excursion: 5-6 hours

Cost: (USD)

Number of persons in one group:

1-3 - 50 $

3-8 - 80 $

9-20 - 100 $

20-48 - 250 $

Cost includes:

1.Transportation service;

2.Sightseeing accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide;

3.Entrance tickets for sightseeing sites according to the Excursion program.