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Ateshgah tour


Ateshgah tour

Tour guide and driver will meet you at the hotel to start the tour. The excursion will start from the trip to the ancient Temple of Fire Worshippers "Atashgah", located at 30 km from Baku, on the outskirts of the Surakhani village. Zoroastrians from India have crossed thousands of kilometres and arrived in Surakhani to worship the fire blazing out of the ground. Coming up next in the program the visit to the Mount Yanardagh, on the slope of which since ancient times, natural gas is burning, as if justifying the unofficial name of Azerbaijan "Land of Fire".

Duration of the excursion: 3-4 hours


Number of persons in one group

1-3 – 100 $

4-8 – 120 $

9-20 – 150 $

20-40 – 300 $

Cost includes:

1.Transportation service;

2.Sightseeing accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide;

3. Entrance tickets for sightseeing sites according to the Excursion program.

-Ateshgah (Suraxani Fire Temple) - "Fire Temple of Baku" is a castle-like religious temple based on Persian and Indian inscriptions, the Zoroastrian place of worship. Although the site was originally a place of worship for Zoroastrians, the fortified complex you see today was built by 18th-century Indian Shiva devotees.

-Gala Village (Optional)- the open-air Historical and Ethnographic Museum that the culture was discovered during archaeological excavations. There is a fortress monument opposite which is an impressive Ethnographic Museum Complex. This open-air park features several furnished traditional-style Absheron buildings (house, smithy, potters workshop) set amid a wide range of archaeological finds and petroglyphs, both original and reconstructions.

-Yanar Dagh: Burning Mountain is considered as "eternal fire" and fulfills the trip with unique and interesting experience. In the 13th century Marco Polo mentioned numerous natural-gas flames spurting spontaneously from the Absheron Peninsula. The only one burning today is Yanar Dagh.